QHacks is Queen's University's first ever hackathon! QHacks will be hosting a 36 hour hackathon where students from all over Canada will be able to turn their ideas into real, tangible projects. Whether you're a first timer or a seasoned veteran, QHacks definitely has something to satisfy your interests. QHacks also wants to start off their annual hackathons with an inclusiveness for all disciplines. Students from any level of skill, from any field of study are encouraged to bring their innovative ideas for a weekend of creative problem solving!

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$2,000 in prizes

1st Place - Tablets + Medals

First place winners for best overall hack gets tablets and first place medals for each team member, provided by MLH.

2nd Place - Micro Drone Quadcopters + Medals

Second place winners for second best overall hack gets Micro Drone Gyro Pocket Quadcopters and second place medals for each team member.

3rd Place - Google Cardboard Forever VR Tools + Medals

Third place winners for third best overall hack gets Google Cardboard Forever Virtual Reality Sets and third place medals for each team member.

Best use of AWS

The team with the best use of Amazon Web Services gets 1 Terabyte hard drives for each team member, provided by MLH.

Best Developer Tool by GitHub

The team that creates the best tools for developers to utilize will win their very own Mona the Octocat trophy!

Best Domain Name by Domain.com

The team with the best domain name by Domain.com gets Swag bags with Sparkfun Redboards for each team member

Best Hack with Microsoft Azure (http://aka.ms/qhacks)

The best hack using Microsoft Azure wins HP Pro Tablets + a ton of Microsoft swag, for each team member.

Best FinTech Hack

The best hack using financial technology gets $50 Canada Computers Gift Card for each team member

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


All current students are elegible.


Hackers can build anything they like. Hackers should work towards submitting any code and prototypes for judges to view during the judging process. This can be in any format: regular files, zip files, etc. This includes .apks for apps, .stl's for 3D printing, etc


If you're not finished your project, submit it anyway! Judging won't be just based just on completeness. Your efforts and passion about your hack, and the enjoyment you have making it really says a lot about your aura when you present! 


Jordan Satok

Jordan Satok
Big Viking Games (VP of Strategic Partnerships)

Phil Frei

Phil Frei
WeScout (CEO)

Michael McDonald

Michael McDonald
Microsoft (Tech Evangelist)

Pablo Eder

Pablo Eder
Lani Labs (CEO)

Chris Labelle

Chris Labelle
Mosaic Manufacturing (Co-Founder)

Peng-Sang Cau

Peng-Sang Cau
Transformix Engineering (President & CEO)

Oren Harris

Oren Harris
Shopify (Apps Team)

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    Is the project a unique, breakthrough, or innovative idea that pushes beyond the problem to be solved?
  • Technical difficulty
    Was the problem difficult to solve? Does the implementation involve multiple services interacting with one another?
  • Polish
    Does the output posses remarkable, clean overall design that engages users? Is the user interface efficient and easy to use?
  • Usefulness
    Does the output have value and potential for long-term utility by target users?

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